EnglandsHelicon2 B2v


The Shepheards life so honour’d is and praised: (10) That Kings lesse happy seeme, though higher raised.
The Summer Sunne hath guilded faire, with morning rayes the Mountaines: The birds doe caroll in the ayre, and naked Nimphs in Fountaines. (15) The Siluanes in their shagged haire, with Hamadriades trace: The shadie Satires + make a Quiere, which rockes with Ecchoes grace. All breathe delight, all solace in the season: (20) Not now to sing, were enemie to Reason.
Cosma + my Loue, and more then so, the life of mine affections: Nor life alone, but Lady too, and Queene of their directions. (25) Cosma my Loue, is fayre you know, and which you Shepheards know not: Is ( Sophi said) thence called so, but names her beautie show not, Yet hath the world no better name then she: (30) And then the world, no fairer thing can be.
The Sunne vpon her fore-head stands, or (iewell Sunne-like glorious,) Her fore-head wrought with Ioues owne hands, for heauenly white notorious. (35) Her golden lockes like Hermus sands, +(or then bright Hermus brighter:) A spangled Cauill + binds in with bands, then siluer morning lighter.