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Songs. Authors.
Another of Astrophell. Sir Phil. Sidney.
An invective against Loue. Ignoto.
Faire Phillis and her Shepheard. I. G.
The Shepheards Song of Venus and Adonis. H. C.
Thirsis the Shepheard his deaths Song. Out of M. N. Young, his
Musica Transalpina.
Another stanza added after. Out of the same.
Another Sonnet thence taken. Ignoto.
The Shepheards slumber. Ignoto.
Dispraise of Loue, and Louers follies. Ignoto.
Another Sonnet. Sir Phil. Sidney.
Of disdainefull Daphne. M. N. Howell.
The passionate Shepheard to his Loue. Chr. Marlow.
The Nimphs reply to the Shepheard. Ignoto.
Another of the same nature, made since. Ignoto.
Two Pastorall, upon three friends meeting. Sir Phil. Sidney.
The wood-mans walke. Shep. Tonie.
Thirsis the Shepheard , to his Pipe. Ignoto.
An Heroycall Poeme. Ignoto.
An excellent Sonnet of a Nimph. Sir Phil. Sidney.
A report Song in a dreame, betweene a Shepheard and his Nimph. N. Breton.
Another of the same. N. Breton.
The Louers absence kills me, her presence cures me. Ignoto.
The Shepheards conceite of Prometheus. S. E. D.
Another of the same. Sir Phil. Sidney.
The Shepheards Sunne. Shep. Tonio.
Loue the onely price of Loue. Ignoto.
Colin, the enamored Shepheard, singeth the passion of loue. Geo. Peele.
Oenones complaint in blanke verse. Geo. Peele.
The Shepheards Consort. Out of M. Morleys Madrigals.
Thirsis praise of his Mistresse. W. Browne.
A defiance to disdainefull Loue. Ignoto.
An Epithalamium; or a Nuptiall Song, applied to the
Ceremonies of Marriage.
Christopher Brooke.