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Songs. Authors.
Faustus and Firmius sing to their Nimph by turnes. Bar. Yong.
Sireno a Shepheard, having a locke of his faire Nimphs, wrapt about
with greene silke, mournes in a Loue-Dittie.
Sir. Phil. Sidney.
A Song betweene Taurilius and Diana, answering verse for verse. Ba. Yong.
Another Song before her Maiestie at Oxford, sung by a comely Shepheard, at-
tended on by sundry other Shepheards and Nimphs.
The Shepheards Song: a Caroll or Himne for Christmas. E.B.
Arsileus his Caroll, for joy of the new mariage, betweene Syrenus and Diana. Bar. Yong.
Philistus farewell to false Clorinda. Out of M. Morleyes Madrigals.
Rosalindes Madrigall. Thom. Lodge.
A Dialogue Song between Syluanus and Arsilius. Bar. Yong.
Montanus Sonnet. S. E. D.
The Heard-mans happie life. Out of M. Birds set Songs.
Cinthia the Nimph, her Song to faire Polydora. Bar. Yong.
The Shepheard to the Flowers. Ignoto.
The Shepheard Arsilius his Song to his Rebeck. Bar. Yong.
Another of Astrophell to his Stella. Sir. Phil. Sidney.
Syrenus his Song to Dianaes Flockes. Bar. Yong.
To Amarilius. Out of M. Birds set Songs.
Cardenia the Nimph, to her false Shepheard Faustus. Bar. Yong.
Of Phillida. Out of M. Birds fet Songs.
Melisea her Song, in scorne of her Shepheard Narcissus. Bar. Yong.
His answere to the Nimphs Song. Bar.Yong.
Her present answere again to him. Bar. Yong.
His last replie. Bar. Yong.
Philon the Shepheard, his Song. Out of M. Birds set Songs.
Lycoris the Nimph, her sad Song. Out of M. Morleyes Madrigals.
To his Flockes. Ignoto.
To his Loue. Ignoto.
Another to his Cynthia. Ignoto.
Montanus Sonnet in the Woods. S. E. D.
The Shepheards sorrow, being disdained in Loue. Thom. Lodge.
A Pastorall Song betweene Phillis and Amarillis, two Nimphs, each
answering other line for line.
H. C.
The Shepheards Antheme. Mich. Drayton.
The Countesse of Pembrokes Pastorall. Shep. Tonie.