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Songs. Authors.
The Shepheards resolution in Loue Thom. Watson.
Coridons Hymne in praise of Amarillis. T. B.
The Shepheard Carillo his Song. Bar. Yong.
Corins dreame of his faire Chloris. W. S.
The Shepheard Damons passion. Thom. Lodge.
The Shepheard Musidorus his complaint. S. Phil. Sidney
The Shepheards braule, one halfe answering the other. S. Phil. Sidney.
Dorus his comparisons. S. Phil. Sidney.
The Shepheard Faustus his Song. Bar. Yong.
Another of the same, by Firmius the Shepheard. Bar. Yong.
Damelus Song to his Diaphenia. H. C.
The Shepheard Eurymachus to his faire Shepheard Mirimida. Ro. Greene.
The Shepheard Firmius his Song. Bar. Yong.
The Shepheards praise of his sacred Diana. Ignoto.
The Shepheards dumpe. S. E. D.
The Nimph Dianaes Song. Bar. Yong.
Rowlands Madrigall. Michaell Drayton.
Alanius the Shepheard, his dolefull Song, complaining of Ismeniaes crueltie. Bar. Yong.
Montana the Shepheard, his loue to Aminta. Shep. Tonie.
The Shepheards sorrow for his Phaebes disdaine. I. F.
Espilus and Therion, their contention in Song for the May-Lady. Sir. Phil. Sidney.
Olde Melibeus Song, courting his Nimph. Ignoto.
The Shepheard Syluanus his Song. Bar. Yong.
Coridons Song. Thom. Lodge.
The Shepheards Sonnet. Rich. Barnefield.
Seluagia and Siluanus, their songs to Diana. Bar. Yong.
Montanus his Madrigall. Ro. Greene.
Astrophell to Stella, his third Song. Sir. Phil. Sidney.
A Song betweene Syrenus and Syluanus. Bar. Yong.
Ceres Song in emulation of Cinthia. Ignoto.
A Pastoral Ode to an honourable friend. E. B.
A Nimphs disdaine of Loue. Ignoto.
Apollos Loue Song for faire Daphne. Ignoto.
The Shepheard Delicius his Dittie. Bar. Yong.
Amintas for his Phillis. Tho. Watson