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Songs. Authors.
Harpalus complaint on Phillidaes loue bestowed on Corin,
who loued her not, and denyed him that loued her.
L.T. Howard,
Earle of Surrie.
Another of the same subiect, but made as it were in answere. Shep. Tonie.
The Nimphes meeting their May Queene, entertaine her with this Dittie. Tho. Watson.
Colin Cloutes mournefull Dittie for the death of Astrophell. Edm. Spen.
Damaetas Iigge in praise of his Loue. Iohn Wootton.
Montanus praise of his faire Phaebe. Thom. Lodge.
The complaint of Thestilis the forsaken Shepheard. L.T. Howard, Earle
of Surrie.
To Phillis the faire Shepheardesse. S.E.D.
The Shepheard Dorons Iigge. Ro. Greene.
Astrophell his Song of Phillida and Coridon. N. Breton.
The passionate Shepheards Song. W. Shakespeare.
The unknowne Shepheards complaint. Ignoto.
Another of the same Shepheards. Ignoto.
The Shepheards allusion of his owne amorous infelicitie, to the offence of
T. Watson.
Montanus Sonnet to hi faire Phaebe. Thom. Lodge.
Phaebes Sonnet, a reply to Montanus passions. Thom. Lodge.
Coridons supplication to Phillis. N. Breton.
Damaetas Madrigall in praise of his Daphnis. I. Wootton.
Dorons description of his faire Shepheardesse Samela. Ro. Greene.
Wodenfrides Song in praise of Amargana. W.H.
Another of the same. W.H.
An excellent Pastorall Dittie. Shep. Tonie.
Philliades Loue-call to her Coridon, and his replying. Ignoto.
The Shepheards solace. Tho. Watson.
Syrenus Song to Eugerius. Bar. Yong.
The Shepheards Arsileus reply to Syrenus Song . Bar. Yong.
A Shepheards dreame. N. Breton.
The Shepheards Ode. Rich. Barnefield.
The Shepheards commendation of his Nimph. Earle of Oxenford.
Coridon to his Phillis. S. E. Dyer.
The Shepheards description of Loue. Ignoto.
To his Flockes. H. C.
A Roundelay betweene two Shepheards. Michaell Drayton.
The solitary Shepheards Song. Thom. Lodge.