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all the Songs and Pastorals, with
the Authors names, contained
in this Booke.

Songs. Authors.
The Shepheard to his chosen Nimph. Sir. Phil. Sidney.
A Shepheards Edillion. E.B.
Astrophels Loue is dead. Sir. Phil. Sidney.
A Palinode. E.B.
Astrophel the Shepheard, his complaint to his Flocke. Sir. Phil. Sidney.
Hobbinols Dittie in praise of Eliza, Queene of the Shepheards. Edm. Spen.
The Shepheards Daffadill. Michaell Drayton.
A Canzon Pastorall in honour of her Maiestie. Edmund Bolton.
Milicertus Madrigale. Ro Greene.
Old Damons Pastorall. Thom. Lodge.
Perigot and Cuddies Roundelay. Edmund. Spencer.
Phillida and Coridon. N. Breton.
To Colin Cloute. Shepheard Tonie.
Rowlands Song in praise of the fairest Beta. Mich. Draiton.
The Barginet of Antimachus. Thom. Lodge.
Menaphons Roundelay. Ro. Greene.
A Pastorall of Phillis and Coridon. N. Breton.
Coridon and Melampus Song. Geor. Peele.
Tityrus to his faire Phillis. I.D.
Shepheard. I.M.
Another of the fame Author. I.M.
Menaphon to Pesana. Ro. Greene.
A sweet Pastorall. N. Breton.